The event is free of charge. A registration is necessary.

Only fully completed registration forms will be accepted.

In consideration of the registration to the conference, he/she accepts to abide by all applicable terms and conditions on the Conference Software.


Data protection

The organiser wishes to point out that the participant data is stored, secured and processed electronically only in the registration e-mail. The organiser uses this data for promotional purposes in connection only with this event. The personal data submitted will not be used commercially or submitted to third parties.
During the conference, the participants may be filmed or photographed. Speeches, presentations and pictures will be recorded as video during the conference.



The conference organisers reserve the right to modify the program.

The organiser is only liable for damage which is caused by willful act or gross negligence of the organiser himself, his agents or staff or the conference software.

If the event needs to be rescheduled or canceled for reasons beyond the organiser´s control, the participant cannot derive any claims from this.

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