Virtueller Katalog

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Development, manufacturing and sales of customized pressure and temperature transmitters, most of all for safety relevant applications in aviation, railway and automotive industries as well as for general industrial applications.
Air Independence offers from aircraft and flight brokerage and jet charter to aircraft acquisition and management world-wide.
ALTO offers infrastructure solutions to the general and business aviation. Our specialties are rotating platforms for easy, safe and fast maneuvering of aircrafts in hangars and hangar planning.
Gyroplane, sports aircraft in the ultra-light/micro-light sector. Three different models: MTO Sport, Calidus und Cavalon.
Industrial laser machines for additive manufacturing of metal components for various industries.
Noise control installations for civil and military aircraft. Noise control for test benches for jet engine test benches. Sound enclosures for any kind of machinery. Noise control measures for production halls.
Power-Line Communication, Smart Grid & Energy Mgmt., E-Car charging, Smart Lighting, Smart Metering, Smart Aviation.
LAP is a hidden champion in laser technology supplying various industries with laser projection and laser measurement systems.
Areas of Competence: Design, CAE & Simulation, Test & Validation, Electic & Electronics, Project & Quality management.
Our Engineering-departments support the development and manufacturing of industry products and services covering the entire product life-cycle, using our expertise of over a million hours of engineering work.
SET GmbH - experts in avionics development and production as well as in test system engineering - Reliable and certified.
Technify Motors GmbH is the leading manufacturer for certified Diesel (jet fuel) piston aircraft engines for general aviation. It also produces engine components and engine applications for defense and automotive industry.
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