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Professional know-how and long-time experience in the air dehumidification sector guarantee a custom solution for you that lives up to all demands made on an ideal industrial processing climate.
Gearboxes, differential cases and crankcases are among the pallet of products we specialize in along with cylinder heads, steering knuckle, axle housings, case covers and chassis, to name only a few examples.
We specialize in CNC milling and wire cutting to manufacture complete machines and machine parts. We also manufacture various other components for the wire harness industry, the catalytic converter industry, the metal rolling industry as well as for the local and international market. To provide our customers with high quality products we have introduced a Quality Management System.
We are long time specialists for chipless coldforming of sheet metal, tubes and profile sections and as a pioneer of clinching - the innovative technique connecting sheet metal components – we can support and assist our customers with a wide range of standard and customized tooling.
ELHA-MASCHINENBAU - Turnkey solutions for metal cutting mass production of preferably automotive parts based on FM prodction modules.
Our key technologies are rotary swaging, axial forming, bending, end forming and autofrettage, along with a variety of applications focusing on customer requirements.
Our FE-software with integrated FE Model Kit has been specifically designed for the efficient modeling of large finite element assemblies. For the often repetitive FE models, such as the drive train, you can use our extensive parametric FE model library.
Meyer Drehtechnik GmbH produces top quality precision-turned parts of any machinable material using turning, milling, inductive hardening, assembling and vibratory finishing
sam* - the leading software for the areas of EHS, QM and HR.
W u S Feinmechanik GmbH We are producing turning workpieces for small, middle and big series: coupling balls, contact plugs, cylinders, centering rings for window fittings, hose connectors for hydraulic systems, Isolator beams, screw sockets, gear shafts, plunger rods, eccentric bolts, compression couplingss, shaft drives.
WEMA VOGTLAND Technology GmbH WEMA VOGTLAND Technology GmbH and its subsidiary WEMA VOGTLAND America LLC are the specialists for retrofitting, retooling and overhauling of machining systems incl. automation and controls, special machines and fixtures for the automotive industry and the automotive supply industry.
 Corrugated Board Converting Systems for the production of folded boxes made of corrugated board, High-Precision Production Grinding Systems for internal, external and simultaneous processing of extremely small workpieces, Grinding technology and Tool Holding Systems.
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