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Landgeflügel has specialised in the production of fresh chicken pieces. Our basic product range is available in any required packaging unit. The products can either be packed in a controlled, protective atmosphere or under vacuum. We guarantee a minimum shelf life of 10 days at a storage temperature of below 4°C.
Landgeflügel AG
Im Industriepark 1, 49733 Haren
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Our production facility in the Eurohafen industrial park in Haren was built and started up in 2003. In 2007, it was extended to include a second slaughtering and cutting line. Here we produce chicken portions, from wings through to fillets, for the food retail trade and for industrial processing, in every required weight and packaging unit. In October 2011, we started a production line for the manufacture of hot dogs. Emsland Frischgeflügel has more than 1200 own employees working in a full shift system.

Compliance with the Animal Welfare Directives is not only mandatory for us, but also for the farmers, which supply us. In addition, close cooperation between the farmers and the veterinarians is necessary for the health and well-being of the animals. Through internal and external animal welfare audits, the hygienic conditions, cleaning intervals, handling of the animals, air conditioning of the housings, the feed and water supply and the documentation of the results are checked. The use of additives and pest control are also inspected during the audits. If farms holdings fail to fulfil certain requirements, measures are drawn up, which the farmers must implement. German chicken farming takes place according to the strict specifications of the German Broiler Welfare Regulations in which, for example, the housing occupancy is far lower than provided for by the EU. The group or flock size is not a decisive criterion for assessment of the animal’s well-being. It is decisive to gear the welfare conditions to the well-being of the individual animal and to its needs.