Public Transport

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The company A.Nissen Elektrobau,est. 1914,develops and produces road safety equipment. Such as Warning lamps,Light Arrow System,Warning Trailers,VMS LED Systems, metal and concrete barriers.The products correspond with national and intern. standards
BVG is a modern service company that provides local public transport within Berlin. (Participant 2013)
Blic are IT consultants, who specialize in designing, implementation and optimizing mobility management systems.
The company is specialized in traffic engineering and metalworking industry
car2go is the best way to share a car
Information Logistics - DiLoc|Rail - Systems for dispatching, customer information and positioning (Participant Israel 2014)
DB International interacts in the area of international transportation. (Participant 2013)
Deutsche Bahn AG is an international leading company concerning local, national and international transportation. (Participant 2013)
The Deutsches Verkehrsforum establishes a link between the transport industry and other sectors of the economy. (Participant 2013)
EPHY-MESS GmbH is a dedicated manufacturer and distributor of tailor-made industrial measuring and sensor technology
ESN Bahngeräte GmbH develops, produces and markets specialised electronics and supplementing components to well-known public transport companies all over Europe. ESN co-operates closely with public transport companies, system suppliers, planning offices and service companies.
ETC offers Mobility Consultancy, Infrastructure Planning and IT-Solutions for the transportation sector.
World leading manufacturer of high pressure water mist fire protection systems. These water mist systems are not only 100% environmentally friendly but water systems are often more effective than conventional gas or water fire fighting equipment.
The Fraunhofer operates in the area of transport, telematics, disposition, logistics, vehicle propulsion and sensor technologies as well as communication, traffic planning and traffic ecology.
GSP is the best partner when it comes to passenger information, security, and entertainment systems
HaCon creates and develops high-quality software solutions for traffic, transport and logistics. (Participant 2013)
Distributed Traffic Management (Participant Singapore 2014)
Consulting and Management for public transportation (participant Singapur 2014)
Individualized measuring systems, wheel measuring equipment and meters for Rail, tram and bus (Participant Singapore 2014)
IFAB is a consultany and research office in the field of fire safety and is worldwide accepted. IFAB provides services for suppliers, building owners, operators, authorities and architectual offices. The fire safety concepts are developed and the evidence is provided using accepted engineering methods and fire testing.
ifak system is the business partner of choice for many leading manufacturers of automation and environmental technology around the world. We work actively in vital standard setting committees
such as CiA, DriveCom User Group, working group FDT of PNO & ZVEI, OPC Foundation, FGCA and ATV.
Integrated security and disruption management solutions for critical infrastructures (Participant 2014)
INIT – leading supplier in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and fare collection systems – has been assisting transportation companies worldwide since 1983 in making public transport more attractive, faster and efficient.
Intelligence on Wheels, founded in 2012, is a spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) committed to the commercialization of an innovative train collision avoidance system. It is our vision that every train will be equipped with our technology as additional means of technical train protection.
INTIS develops, optimises and commissions efficient, environmentally friendly infrastructure solutions. Our main focus is currently on control, propulsion and energy supply systems for electric vehicles and industrial applications.
Leading EU manufacturer of 3G/LTE mobile WiFi hotspots and telemetry routers for coaches and trains. (Participant Israel and Singapore 2014)
iris-GmbH is a company developing and manufacturing sensor components for automatic passenger counting. We design, develop, produce and install our opto-electronic sensors for integration with a variety of systems.
IVU Traffic Technologies AG is a leading provider of software for public passenger and goods transport as well as transport logistics, electoral processes, workforce management, location and media planning. (Participant 2013 and 2014)
The JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions division develops, manufactures and markets systems for speed and red-light traffic law enforcement
Urban mobility, regional mobility, integrated mobility – LRTC is a German-based consulting and engineering company dedicated to every aspect of public transport. (Participant 2013)
Electronic mapping and intermodal navigation. (Participant 2013)
Materna ips is a leading provider for check-in, bag drop and access solutions to airports and airlines.
MiDiTec GbR manufactures lCD-information systems for applications in industrial and transportation systems (busses and railroads), systems for automated lockers at water streets, indicators for weigh bridges and other electronic information displays (LCD and LED) with the best legibility, minimum energy consumption, high reliability and cost efficiency.
MIT Mess- und Prüftechnik GmbH is located in Dresden, Germany. MIT is developping, manufacturing and distributing nondestructive electronic devices for the use of quality control/ self monitoring during road construction.
Fleet Telematic and Passenger Information
The company is specialized in traffic engineering, industry solutions and control & safety technologies
Your competitive partner with 30 years of experience
in development, production and distribution of
passenger information systems and cables for
mobile applications as rail vehicles and buses.
cover® - a fully-automated system for information, bookings and steering of transport-on-demand used in Public Transport systems and in keeping with time-tabled routes.
Solution provider for public transport and train operating companies
Local public transport by trams and buses since 131 years. (Participant 2013)
independent private research and consultancy company with the aim to contribute to sustainable development of cieties and regions in Europe and worldwide
Socratec Telematic GmbH is a medium-sized specialist offering GPS-based telematic solution in the market segments transportation and logistics, service and handicrafts business, car and construction machine rental.
TAF mobile designs, develops and markets mobile solutions and applications (apps) for all major mobile platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows, Java and mobile web. The main focus is public transport, industry and media. (Participant 2013 and 2014)
team red, innovation is our future. German transport consulting company focused on innovative solutions for integrated mobility.
From Aerospace, Space and Defence to Security and Transportation, Thales helps its customers to create a safer world by giving them the tools they need to perform critical tasks.
The cluster of Transport, Mobility and Logistics covers a wide array of technologies and is well prepared for the challenge of designing future traffic systems. (Participant 2013)
600 companies performing public passenger transport and rail freight transport in Germany are organised in the “VDV" (= Association of German Transport Companies) (Participant 2013)
VIC represents professional consultancy, innovative ideas as well as ideal technical, economic and sustainable solutions. (Participant 2013)
Innovative and competent solutions in the field of traction equipment for electrically driven vehicles. (Participant Israel 2013 and 2014)