Architekturbüro Sennrich und Schneider
Architektur raum design
Architekturbüro Sennrich und Schneider
Hartheimer Straße 4

79206 Breisach-Grezhausen

The office

The architect`s office was founded 1 November 2006 by Tobias Sennrich and Mike Schneider at Breisach.

Aspiration & objectives
Range of services

Our planning services are all phases of the HOAI for various construction projects. We offer assistance with the following concerns:

New building



Monument protection

Ecological construction

Expense budgeting

3D animations

Energy certification

Energetic consulting

Feng Shui

Interior Design

Sustainable concepts


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Professional fee

Our fee is determined by the Official Scale (of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers – HOAI), where you can choose between a minimum and a maximum rate. Usually after the concretization of a specific project, a fixed rate is agreed. The total costs depend on the costs of the project, the complexity and of course on the claimed performance phases. The entire work is divided into 9 well-defined phases, of which all or only one can be used.

--> A rough estimation of the expected costs is available here:


The name “architect” is protected by law and can only be obtained through an university education, a two-year internship and an entry into the Chamber of Architects.
We are members of the Chamber of Architects Baden-Württemberg (Mike Schneider 80266 & Tobias Sennrich 77862).
We are also members of the Conseil national de l`ordre des Architectes (Chamber of Architects in France). Thus, we can realize all types of projects in France.