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Industrial laser machines for additive manufacturing of metal components for various industries.


Concept Laser GmbH
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Concept Laser GmbH is an independent company based in Lichtenfels, Germany. Since its founding in 2000, it has been the world´s leading manufacturer of industrial laser machines for fabricating components from metal powder using the LaserCUSING® layer construction method across many industries, such as jewelry, medical, dental, automotive and aerospace, and mechanical engineering.
The term LaserCUSING®, a combination of the C from CONCEPT Laser and the word FUSING (to fully melt), describes the technology: the fusing process generates components layer by layer using 3D CAD data. The method allows the production of complex component geometries without tools to create parts that are difficult or even impossible to achieve through conventional manufacturing.

With the LaserCUSING® process, conformal cooling can be used to create tool inserts as well as direct components for the jewelry, medical, dental, automotive and aerospace industries. This applies to prototypes and series parts.

The company offers both standard systems and custom concepts for metal laser melting. With Concept Laser, full-service as an option means that customers can either purchase their own metal laser melting systems or rely directly on service and development services.

(Laser machining systems from Concept Laser process powder materials made from stainless steel, hot work tool steels, cobalt-chromium alloy, nickel-base alloy as well as reactive powder materials such as aluminum and titanium alloys. Precious metals such as gold or silver alloys for jewelry making are also an option.)

LaserCUSING® offers new perspectives in terms of cost and speed for efficient product development in industries such as: Jewerly, Medical and dental technology, Aeronautics and space industry, Tool and mold construction, Automotive and racing, Mechanical engineering.

The systems reduce development time and costs substantially while offering much greater flexibility in product development. The high quality standards, level of experience and successful track record of Concept Laser guarantee reliable and cost-effective solutions with proven performance in daily production, with a particular focus on unit cost reductions.

Keyword: LaserCUSING®

The LaserCUSING® process is used to create mechanically and thermally stable metallic components with high precision. Depending on the application, it can be used with stainless and tool steels, aluminum and titanium alloys, nickel-based super alloys, cobalt-chromium alloys or precious metals such as gold or silver alloys.


With LaserCUSING®, finely pulverized metal is fused using a high-energy fiber laser. After cooling, the material solidifies. Component contour is achieved by directing the laser beam with a mirror deflection unit (scanner). Construction takes place layer by layer (with each layer measuring 15-100 microns) by lowering the bottom surface of the construction space, then applying and fusing more powder.

Concept Laser systems stand out due to their stochastic control of the slice segments (also referred to as "islands"), which are processed successively. The patented process significantly reduces tension during the manufacture of very large components.



Products & Services:


Software: Materialise, 3Shape, Marcam, LCM+

Machines: Mlab cusing, Mlab cusing R, M1 cusing,M2 cusing (Multilaser), X line 1000R

QM System:  Available for process component meltpool, coating ,documentation atmosphere, powder and temperature

Materials:Controlling the grain size and chemical composition through a external testing laboratory

Accessories: Furnace for heat treatment, sieving station



Training & Service:

Machine training courses: Theoretical and practical training

Technology integration: For example, CAD “conformal cooling” training to allow you to learn the patented cooling channel design

Maintaince concepts: Advice on which maintenance concept is suitable for you

Application support: If you have any specific questions, our team is always available to offer practical advice and Assistance



Aerospace: NASA Aerojet Rocketdyne, DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V., Honeywell, Poly- Shape SAS, GE Aviation, MBFZ toolcraft GmbH

Automotive: BMW AG, Daimler AG

Dental / Medical: The Argen Corporation, Dentsply, Fine Line Prototyping Inc., Edwards Life Science, Chengdu
Dent Dental Lab. Co., Ltd, Daegu Technopark, Prodental, CADSPEED GmbH, Fresdental

Jewellery: Romanoff International Supply Corporation, Pandora, Eichenberger futuretech ag, Legor Group S.p.A.

Mould: DIMLASER, Festo AG & Co. KG, Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH, Sauer product GmbH

Research / Institutes:
many worldwide: ask us for references.


Target Group:


Medical and dental technology

Aeronautics and space industry

Tool and mold construction

Automotive and racing

Mechanical engineering


Purpose of visit in China

Establishing contacts with potential clients in the Aerospace Industry, Research and State Institutions, as well as the automotive, traffic and transport industry.