KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH
Textile Machinery
Lace machines, tricot and Raschel machines, warp preparation units, machines for production technical Textiles.
KARL MAYER Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH
Brühlstraße 25, 63179 Obertshausen
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The KARL MAYER company was set up in 1937, and is now a specialist supplier of textile machinery. Today this enterprise is the global leader in the production of warp knitting and Raschel machines as well as warp preparation units. Head office of this family-run enterprise is Obertshausen near Frankfurt/Main. The KARL MAYER Group has more than 2,000 employees all over the world. Since the fifties KARL MAYER has consistently been extending its international character. Today the company has subsidiaries in the USA, in Great Britain, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, China, India and in Switzerland.

Nowadays KARL MAYER operates in the following business units: Warp Knitting, Warp preparation Technical Textiles Part and Components

The company has excellent future prospects due to its top position on the market and an outstanding equity ratio as solid financial basis.



Warp Knitting – including the product groups of lace machines, tricot and Raschel machines for manufacturing high-quality elastic and rigid lace fabrics, functional lingerie and garments, seamless articles and plush fabrics as well as curtains and semitechnical products. This business unit also comprises machines for making specialist textiles, for example for medical applications. Warpers for the warp knitting industry complete this product range.

Warp Preparation - comprising warp preparation units for warp knitting and weaving, such as sizing machines and assembling units for processing spun yarns and synthetic yarns, indigo dyeing machines and creels.

Technical Textiles– a quite young product segment focusing on machines for the production of high-tenacity closed textiles and open grid structures for example for glass or carbon fiber reinforced composites.

Parts and Components- a high-tech production center for supplying quality parts both for KARL MAYER machines and for external customers. Lightweight constructions made of CFRP materials represent a core area in this respect.

Our machines offer a very good price performance ratio with high speed production, flexibility concerning the field of applications and highest product quality


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