Schlafhorst Zweigniederlassung der Saurer Germany GmbH u. Co. KG.
Textile Machinery
Speed frames and automation of these, roving conveyor systems, short- and long-staple ring spinning machines, short- and long-staple compact spinning machines, automatic package winders, semi-automatic and automatic rotor spinning machines.
Schlafhorst Zweigniederlassung der Saurer Germany GmbH u. Co. KG.
Carlstrasse 60, 52531 Übach-Palenberg
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Schlafhorst has been a trailblazer in the production of staple fibre yarns for 130 years. As the market and innovation leader, the textile machinery manufacturer offers solutions for the entire spinning mill line right up to the quality package. World-famous brands like Zinser, Autocoro, BD and Autoconer, together with unique process competence, make Schlafhorst the partner of choice for successful textile companies. With production plants in Germany, India and China as well as an international service and consultancy team, Schlafhorst fulfils its mission: to make spinning mills across the globe more efficient, productive and economical.

Market and innovation leader in the industry.

Process, machine and system competence from roving to finished package.



Capital goods; no general products and services, only specialised ones.

Due to the export quota of 98%, all our products and services are destined for the foreign market.

Schlafhorst offers premium-class series products that are configured in each case to the customer's requirements, thus offering an optimal price/performance ratio.



Schlafhorst deals with over 4,000 customers in the spinning industry worldwide.

·         More than 6 million rotor spinning positions

·         More than 13 million ring spinning positions

·         More than 2.3 million winding positions


Ideal partner:

Survey of market situation.

Agents available locally.


Customer target group:

Spinning mills.

Consultancy-intensive direct marketing with support from trade representatives in some cases.