Renewable Energy
Interim Management und Projekt Management Leistungen für folgende Industriezweige: Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Energieerzeugung, Erneuerbare Energien, CleanTech


Volkmann Consult - Corporate Advisors
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Versatile leader of capital projects, programs and organizations, with over 30 years experience in the industrial installations and contracting industry, during the last 14 years in Renewable Energy (i.e. Biogas, Bioethanol, Biomass conversion technologies, Photovoltaics, Wind and Hydro Power).

Works as a consultant and C-level interim manager for various companies, entities and organizations throughout the world (with a major focus on Europe and Latin America) in the areas of project development, project management, finance and M&A advisory. Lead and supported the closing of more than 100 M&A transactions.

Consultant for the European Commission for the IEE Intelligent Energy Europe program.

Works for the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Industry on their export promotion program ‘Exportinitiative’ in various countries, teached biofuels at renac (Renewables Academy) in Berlin and a member of various international organizations dedicated to renewable energy.

Extensive international lecture and publication activities.

Former Board Member of the renowned Leipzig Institute for Energy and Environment (now a subsidiary of the German Ministry of Agriculture and renamed to German Biomass Research Centre) and Interim Director / Board Member of various companies dedicated to biofuels and biomass conversion technologies since the year 2000.

Multi language skills developed during international career assignments in Seattle (USA), Lima (Perú) and Moscow (then USSR, now Russia).


Industrial Installations / Contracting Industry (Mining & Metals, Pulp and Paper, Oil & Gas, Utilities), Consulting / Interim Management, Renewable Energy (Biogas, Biodiesel, Bio-ethanol, Biomass Conversion / Incineration / Gasification, PV / Solar Power, Wind, Hydro, CCS, CDM/JI, Sustainable Energy, Water and Waste Water, Water Conservation), Corporate Sustainability and Clean Technology.